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Strategic Alliances


Carolinas Nuclear Cluster

Carolinas Nuclear Cluster (CNC) - MNES is a proud member of the Carolinas Nuclear Cluster, an organization including dozens of institutions from North and South Carolina. The CNC includes a wide variety of groups including universities, utilities, vendors, and more, brought together to promote the advancement of nuclear energy in the Carolinas

Institute for Nuclear Power Operations

Institute for Nuclear Power Operations (INPO) - MNES is a member of the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations, an industry formed organization dedicated to pursuing the highest-level of safety. INPO provides a forum for sharing lessons-learned, unique insights, and safety goals. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission sets the industry’s rules, but INPO is dedicated to industry-wide operational excellence.

The Nuclear Energy Institute

The Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) is the voice of the nuclear industry and MNES employees serve on a number of important working groups to improve policies and to enhance technical performance


Our Affiliates

American Nuclear Society
DOE - Global Nuclear Energy Partnership
Nuclear Energy Institute
Nuclear Regulatory Commission
World Nuclear Association